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Finally, finally, finally after a good few years, Nithria’s journal is up. Those of you who know, this isn’t my first blog and I hope you enjoy this new venture as you did my last one. Since I have a passion for writing and being creative, doing the two is a dream come true.


In Nithria’s Journal, you shall expect to find a behind the scenes look at my HQ. Short video’s on some of my makes, picture tutorials and more. You will also get an insight on what is coming next. If you follow Nithria’s Journal by subscribing to my blog, you will be the first to know about the new designs before they are listed on my website and will have an opportunity to purchase first before it goes live on the website.


As well as a blog I will also have a video channel where you can catch my latest films. Click on the Vlog section where it shall take you directly to my channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, so you do not miss anything that Nithria has to offer. There you will see short a variety of films and tutorials and a general behind the scenes at HQ.

Thank you everyone for coming along with me as I embark on a new chapter. Stay reading as new chapters are being written.

with love